That’s One Old Turkey

armynavy1955Yes, I am one old turkey. My parents always told this story about my birth: I was born on a Saturday. It was also the day of the Army-Navy Football game. That game has always been a big deal in the Delaware Valley. The doctor came into my mom’s room and reportedly asked her, “Who do you want to win?” Her reply was, “I don’t care, just get this baby out of me!” FYI Army beat Navy that year – 14 to 6.

There’s another interesting fact about my birthday. Every few years, like this year, it coincides with Thanksgiving day. It’s happened nine times in my life counting today. Like many families we had a tradition where you got to pick out the meal on your birthday. When I was young I didn’t like turkey. At all. My favorite meal (still one of my favorites) was meatloaf. When I was nine my birthday fell on Thanksgiving day and I let mom know that I wanted meatloaf for my birthday meal. Mom cooked a traditional Thanksgiving meal for everyone else and a meatloaf shaped into the form of a turkey, complete with hamburger “drumsticks” on the sides. Fifty-one years later I still remember that day. It reminds me of my mother’s love and caring.

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving and that the bird on your table isn’t a old and tough as this old turkey.


5 thoughts on “That’s One Old Turkey

  1. Happy Birthday, Jim. Just dropping in from the O.K. Corral after visiting Wyatt’s place.

    Got your place bookmarked now. Being a friend of Wyatt’s, I suspect you won’t mind my snark and bad limericks. 🙂

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