No Love for Lovie

A head coaching job in the NFL is shakier than Bernie Sanders grasp of economics, but the latest coaching change is still a bit of a surprise.

So it was a shock when, at 10:21 p.m. ET on Tuesday, the Buccaneers tweeted out the news that Smith was fired after just two seasons with the team.

Smith’s first season with the Buccaneers was awful, as a talented roster sunk so low it went 2-14 and got the No. 1 pick. But that pick turned into quarterback Jameis Winston, who helped the Buccaneers improve to 6-10 this season. Things were looking up for the Buccaneers and Smith, or so it seemed.


The Buccaneers are an intriguing team. Winston had a good rookie season and the future looks bright for him. They have some elite players like David, defensive tackle Gerald McCoy and receiver Mike Evans, and there are other good young players elsewhere on the roster. The Buccaneers also have the fourth-most cap room going into the offseason, about $52 million based on a projected $150 million cap according to

Smith seemed like he’d get a chance to develop those players and build a winner, but the Buccaneers surprised everyone on Tuesday night and decided to move in a different direction.

Smith seemed to be popular with fans, and more importantly his players. On the other hand nothing, and no one, is as popular as winning. I’m guessing that Lovie will find a bit of love with another team soon.