For those who are curious I was born in Glassboro, NJ a long time ago. I haven’t lived in the Garden State since the 70’s, but I am still a South Jersey guy at heart.

Both of my parents are gone from this world but never from my heart and memory. Anything good about me is a direct reflection of them. All the many mistakes I’ve made, however, are all on me. If it wasn’t for the best sister in the world I would be an only child.

I had great friends in high school that I enjoy staying in touch with, and some great teachers who I will never forget – James Maxwell and Tom Sherry are just two. I ended up ranked exactly in the middle of my high school class, but did score above 1200 on my SATs. I went to college in western Pennsylvania and western Arkansas, but I’ve never been much further west than Tulsa.

My first job was working in the plant nursery of a family friend. Since then I’ve worked in restaurants, retail, as a camp counselor, and minister of music at a church or two. I started out studying computer science but switched to broadcasting. I was a DJ for about a year before I realized that it doesn’t pay much, then I spent 18 and a half years as a Senior Lab Technician for a chemical company, something that I am sure was a surprise to Bumps Groff my high school chemistry teacher.

There’s more, but I’ll have to finish this later.


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