The Games People Play

One of the things I like to do online is play games. I played World of Warcraft for years, but my current computer (a very old, very noisy, Dell DHP with a Pentium 4 processor) is unable to run it well. Ditto for World of Tanks and, well, about any other modern online game.

Logo_of_Criminal_CaseThat leaves solitaire and the other games preloaded with XP Professional and some Facebook games. The one I like the most (and play the most) is Criminal Case. It’s sad, I know, but I’ve managed to reach level 111.

Yes, my life is that exciting. If you’re on Facebook (and really, who isn’t) join me. Or help me buy a new computer so I can waste my time in better, or at least more technically updated, ways.

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Just Being Social

This site is going to be the place where I explore and sound off on social media. I have a few ideas about what I’d like to say, but they haven’t been fully developed yet. Check back for those posts soon.

While you wait, just a few words on being social. What does that mean in regards to today’s social media? Like many of you I am on

Twitter, Facebook, G+, and I may still have a MySpace account. How do you keep up with it all? The answer, in my case, is not always very well. That begs the question, can social media be overwhelming?

That’s one of the things I’d like to examine more deeply in a future post. I’d like to hear your thoughts in the comments.