Free’s good

Once upon a time there was a blog called “bRight and Early”. It had it’s own web address and everything. It even made a little money (and I do mean little, like the amount the Hildabeast would get for a nano second speech little) for a while.  Posts were being posted and thoughts were being blogged. Busy, busy, busy.

But then it became like what Carl Edwards describes in his Acceleration Nation ad — “Sponsors disappear, no one’ll talk to you, all the sudden your jokes aren’t funny.” And like that ad, it was the result of drag. Not physical drag, but the drag of not wanting to write about politics, or even read about politics.  Life also played a part. Changes, changes, changes.

However, when you want to write you want to write. And then I remembered – I have a site. This one. And some others (you know me). I don’t have to pay for the domain name, hosting, or any of that other stuff. Free, free, free.

Now, don’t get crazy and think I’ll be posting a lot over here. I won’t. But I can.