Sunday Soothsayer 12/13/15

Time to bring you a look at the week ahead, but first let’s see how I did last week.

nailedit – Invest in gun makers.Or guns. You did, didn’t you?

nailedit – It’s been hotter/colder and wetter/dryer than it’s supposed to be. You know it’s true.

nailedit – “Donald Trump will say something that conventional wisdom will see as the issue that will bring about his inevitable downfall. It won’t.” He did, It didn’t.

nailedit – OK, President 0 called the actions terrorism, but went out of his was way to say Islam isn’t terroristic. Did I get this one right. Your call.

Regarding Josh Earnst’s trying to explain how an attack by Islamic terrorist is neither Islamic nor terrorism – I didn’t look to see what he said and I really don’t care.

missedit – Yes, I missed the Eagles beating the Patriots, but I don’t think Nostradamus or Jimmy the Greek could have gotten that one right.

On to this week.

  • You will be able to gauge just how geeky and awesome the people you know are by their level of excitement regarding the release of the new Star Wars movie. Those reactions will range from the something like the greeting your dog gives you when you’ve been gone for 12 hours to “Is that the one with the guy from the Priceline commercials?” – If you have friends in the later category; shoot first.
  • Divers searching the lake in San Bernardino will find 18 shopping carts, 47 Frisbees, Jeb Bush’s poll numbers, and absolutely no evidence that Islam is a religion of peace.
  • There will be as many stories discussing the moderators as there will be about the candidates following Tuesday night’s GOP debate. Bonus pick – CNN will suck.
  • You will hear “Grandma got run over by a reindeer” more often than “Joy to the World”. If you’re smart, you will question the rationale for this.
  • Someone will explain why the youngest voters are so enamored with the oldest candidate. OK, this is more a hope than a prediction. Anyone? Bueller?
  • Eagles over the Bills by 3. Once again defense and special teams will out-perform the offense. I’m OK with that as long as it goes in the W column.

Enjoy the week ahead knowing what it will bring.