Things that leave me flat

There are things in life that don’t upset you or make you angry, they just leave you flat. Here is a list of things that left me flat this weekend.

  • The Eagles losing to the Bucs. Some defense would have been nice.
  • Jeff Gordon coming in third in the NASCAR chase. A good finish to an outstanding career, but it could have been a Hollywood ending. See, not upsetting just not what it could have been.
  • My car. Yep, my car. I went out to my car while I was at lunch yesterday and found that my right front tire was flat. So was the donut. Thanks to my co-worker, Yavet, for giving me a ride home. Now I have to go get a tire before I go to work today.

Hope you had a great weekend.

jeff gordon pit crewHey, these guys are free now. Care to give me a hand?

UPDATE: Tire taken care of. Sure could have used a pit crew. Took a lot longer than I would have liked and I smashed the bit of skin between the thumb and index finger. Hurt like crazy and bled like a faucet. Good thing I’m so tough.

The Checkered Flag

My favorite button on the remote is the one that lets you switch between two different channels. On Sunday that usually means swapping between football and NASCAR. While I’ll be at work today I do want to wish Jeff Gordon all the best as he participates in his last race as a driver.

6147631240_841007e261_oI’m not the biggest Gordon fan, but I have to acknowledge what he did for the sport. I don’t know if he’ll be able to wrap up this season, and his career, with a Hollywood ending, but I wish him all the best; today and in the future.

Wyatt posted about it at The O.K. Corral.