Sunday Monday Tuesday Soothsayer 1/5/16

Last week’s post was a look at the year ahead. We’ll revisit that post in 52 weeks. Without further ado (not that there’s been any ado so far) here is what will happen this week.

  • Friends, family, and co-workers of a certain age will reminisce about making statements like, “I keep writing 2015 on all my checks.” Younger folks will ask, “what are checks?” and no one will remember the last time they actually wrote one.
  • After an unusually warm Christmas, the same people who sounded off about the unseasonable weather will complain about the now seasonably cold cold-spell.
  • Anyone who’s NFL team is out of the playoffs will be looking ahead to the date pitchers and catchers report to spring training. FYI – The Phillies report in 44 days.
  • 99.97% of all New Years Resolutions will have failed by the end of this week. Most will have crashed and burned spectacularly.
  • A tractor trailer from Bic will be seen pulling up to the delivery entrance to the White House. Realizing that no one is willing to do anything to stop him, Obama will spend the final year in office ignoring Congress, The Supreme Court, and the Constitution and just rule by Presidential Decree.

Well that’s your week ahead. Check back on Sunday to see how I did. Or Monday. Maybe Tuesday. We’ll see.