Entire Police Force Resigns

I lived in South Carolina for 25 years. For a short time I delivered bread and my route included the tiny (Population @800) town of North, South Carolina. When I was selling insurance, North was again a part of my territory. And let’s face it, “North, South Carolina” is kind of a unique name for a town (I wonder if there is a South, North Carolina?). Naturally this story caught my eye.

After two weeks of silence, former North Police Chief Mark Fallaw says he can finally talk about why the town no longer has any police.

Since becoming mayor, Patty Carson has assumed an “alarming” level of control over town operations, Fallaw said. He wasn’t allowed to send emails, buy anything but gas or tires, or speak to the media without Carson’s authorization, he said.

“She said there would be ramifications if you talked to the media,” Fallaw said Wednesday.

I don’t know any of the people involved in this situation. Mr. Fallaw became chief around the time I moved to Florida and I don’t know him or Mayor Carson. While North isn’t a very big town, Orangeburg County, where it is located, is a big county. For now police duties are being carried out by the county Sheriff’s Department. It is a much less than ideal situation. If the things suggested in Fallaw’s resignation letter are accurate it’s even worse.

In his Nov. 17 resignation letter, Fallaw told Carson, “You implemented several procedures that are in direct conflict with national law enforcement standards, laws and accepted administrative practices.

“Your intent to supervise all incoming and outgoing correspondence, to prohibit mutual-aid agreements and to have a department vision that solely focuses on citation quotas is alarming.”

The Mayor has refused to speak with with any news media in the stories I’ve read. She also told one outlet that the resignations would not be on the upcoming council meeting and that anyone other than the council and mayor would only be allowed to observe and not speak or ask questions.

I’ll be curious to see how this shakes out.

By the way, North is named after John North, not the direction. See you learned something today.