A(nother) New Start

Yeah, yeah, I know, I’ve had more new starts than all the racers of NASCAR combined. Well here’s another one.

Why? A couple of reasons. Yesterday was my 62nd birthday. Birthdays, to me, have always been like New Years Day, a chance to take a look at how things have been and how they could be. A chance to look back and to look to the future. And not to be maudlin, but unless I live to be 125 I have a lot more to look back on then I do to look forward to.

Speaking of looking back, let me tell you about a little exercise I’ve been doing all of this year. No, not that kind of exercise. That’s a subject for another post. Every day this year when I’ve got on the computer in the morning I’ve deleted the unneeded emails from that date for each year going back to when I started on Gmail in 2005. It’s been interesting. Most of it should have been trashed long ago. I doubt that anyone is going to honor that 12 year old coupon today. Some of it is personal and not deleted. A somewhat surprising amount is incomprehensible – back and forth on unremembered topics that were obviously important then, but unreadable today with out the long forgotten context. Finally, there were more than a few that just made me cringe. Things I said, opinions I espoused, and comments I made that at the very least make me wonder just what was I thinking?

It’s not all gazing in the rear-view mirror. There are still things I’d like to do. Some I’ll write about here, others will remain unannounced until they’re accomplished. (One thing I’ve been way too guilty of in the past is having and announcing “Grand Ideas” without putting in grand thought and planning first.) Another thing I’m not going to do, at least for now, is promote anything I write here. If you read it, you read it. If no one reads it I’m fine with that too. I’ve reached the point where I realize I really don’t care either way. Perhaps that’s growth.

Admittedly there isn’t much new or forward looking in this post. The future is in the future. (Isn’t that profound!)